Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Economic crisis

Money, money, money, where is it? It seems that this crisis will go on forever as nobody is able to find a solution for it. This year PAU exams have the financial crisis as another juicy topic to introduce as an essay for instance. You may be familiar with the vocabulary as you hear it every single day in the news but I think it is interesting if you watch these videos and learn more about it.

London Olympics 2012

We have just come back from London with a group of 4th ESO students and the city was preparing itself for the Olympics. Plan ahead for the games, that is what they say... so it is quite possible that in this year exams, they introduce a topic about the Olympic Games in London this summer. Here you can check some vocabulary and read about the history of the games. I hope you find it interesting.

Olympic Games 1
Olympic Games 2

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Create your own city

Today we are going to practise what we have learnt by building up a city. How can this be possible?
If you want to find out, check here.

But first let's do some exercises to revise the vocabulary about the places that we can find in a city, click here

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Giving directions

One more Thursday and we are almost at the end of the week. This time my 1st ESO students have a difficult task to do. They have to find out their way to a place in town. Will they be able to do it? If you want to find out how ...... check here

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


We are almost at the end of the term for the students of 2nd BACH, in two weeks time you will be preparing for the PAU exam and you may find phonetics interesting to revise your English and take a rest from the books.

check here and learn

Breakfast time

We spend three to four times of the day eating, and we always talk about food. It is important that you know how to order food and most important what to order, so learn more about it through these games and activities.

activity 1
activity 2
activity 3
activity 4

Discover Ireland

Although this year students from 4th ESO are going on a trip to London and they are preparing an essay about London landmarks, I would like to include here some activities about another english speaking country for you to learn.

check here